Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MESSI has been banned!

FIFA has banned MESSI for four consecutive international matches! Just five and a half hours before Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Bolivia kicked off. There are five matches still to play for Argentina in the South American qualifying round. Now what will happen to Argentina!! :( Will they qualify for the next World Cup which will be held in Russia??! 

It's so ridiculous as many players go away without punishment, and Messi only used a slang which is very common. Aregntina...! :( What will happen to our beloved Argentina! FIFA can't just let Messi's dream be broken! 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

কনফারেন্স থিওরি: Communicate and BUILD NETWORK like a PROFESSIONAL at CONFERENCES

How to network like a pro at worldclass conferences like #chogm ? Here's how-

Baby step: Planning well

Figure out where you think the right people are and go there. Perhaps a particular seminar or mixer is the right place where you will meet people specific to your field or niche. Taking the time to peruse the agenda and plan out which events you want to attend is especially critical at a major conference with hundreds or thousands of attendees. Last year I attended Dreamforce, which is its own city within San Francisco. I made sure to find seminars and other gatherings focused on collaboration software, a field I was working in at the time. I met some interesting people from whom I could get answers to questions and gain insight that helped in my own business. Even if the final result isn't a sale, getting extra knowledge can be valuable down the road.

Juvenile step: Packing right

Even though most information is digital now, one paper essential that hasn't gone away is the business card. Conference attendees still ask for them and hand them out, because getting someone's card is the best method for getting that person's information all in one place. Once you've collected cards from your new contacts, there are plenty of good business card scanner apps that dramatically speed the process of entering information into your phone or database.

Big-guy step: Marketing yourself

How much you sell yourself and your products or services is going to depend on your role and how much a partner, boss, or colleague may approve of such self-promotion. If you're a sole proprietor, this is where a conference can be golden. You can pitch your services when the moment arises and take advantage of situations that may turn into a big opportunity. You definitely don't want to go overboard here. Most people don't like a know-it-all or someone who is selling him or herself the entire time. However, people are usually doing a hybrid of mingling and trying to further their career at a conference, so getting your name and products/services out there is certainly not unusual.

Mr. Significant step: Knowing your limits

If you've hit a wall at the meet-and-greets, call it a day. There's no reason to overdo it. You're likely to not make a great impression if you're tired and would rather be back in your hotel room anyway. At the other end of the spectrum, it's awfully hard to make an 8 a.m. seminar if you're out at the pub until the wee hours of the night. Yes, a conference allows you more freedom than the usual workday, but it's still work. You can still have a good time while also making the most of your time and connections.

Eventual step: Leaping to the stage

Finally, consider inquiring if you can be the one behind the lectern at an upcoming event. The authority and potential connections that come from presenting at a conference can make a big difference. So if you've thought about moving from the audience to the stage, this might be the right time to ask about making the leap.